Products - 12V/24V USB Lighter Socket Plug - AQ1009-01

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Name: USB Lighter Socket Plug
Model: AQ1009-01
Connector: 1 USB + 3 Sockets
Features: 12V / 24V.
Package: Blister Card
MOQ 1000 Set
Product Description

*Voltage: DC12V-24V

*Connector: 1 USB + 3 Sockets

*USB Output: 5V,500ma


*Convert and increase your car cigarette lighter from 1 to 3 sockets and one car USB charger

*Plug into the cigatette lighter socket then directly use

*suitable for DC12V/24V power supply

*With built-in fuse to prevent electronic devices from overcurrnet

*Neat&portable design, easy to carry

*USB charger output to 5V/500mA,suitable for cell phone, GPS, iPod, and PDA

*LED light as indicator

*Run multiple devices at one time

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