Products - Auto/Truck/Car Floor Mat - AQ6010

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Name: Auto Floor Mat
Model: AQ6010
Size: Custom Made
Material: PTT
Package: Box
MOQ 100 Sets
Product Description

ULTRA textile car mats

PTT carpet is a kind of thermoplastic polymer,featured by anti-bacteria &mildew, moisture proof,anti-static,water&dirt resistant. Also very durable in using, and won't worry out of shape)

53OZ heavy plush PTT carpet(12mm pile height)
93OZ utimate plush PTT carpet (20mm pile height)

*Customized made to exactly fit
*Personalized embroidery logos available
*Original button to keep fixed with flooring
*Hand wearing heel pad available
*Durable&nice binding

Three Layer Carpet Mat
Layer 1 - Top Side is looped NYLON Carpet
Layer 2 - Water proof vinyl layer for Strength & Durability
Layer 3 - High density burn frosted base to make it Anti Skid & Cushion Feeling for your feet

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