Products - Auto/Truck/Car Floor Mat - AQ6013

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Name: Auto Floor Mat
Model: AQ6013
Size: Custom Made
Material: Vinyl
Package: Box
MOQ 100 Sets
Product Description

Snow&Slush Traction Mat

Emergency use to traction when wheels stuck at snow,slush,ice weather.No more spinning wheels! A set of two studded mats isessential for your vehicle s emergency kit and stores easily in a trunk or under seats

1.Can be purchased as a set (2pcs) or single piece
2.Made by 100% vinyl that suit at -40° cold without crack,compliance with REACH&RoHS instructions
2.Fashion "tyre" stripe surface to enhance stick force with wheels
3.38pcs aluminum alloys at backed to enhance mat and groud traction force
4.Heavy duty used
5.Universal fit for most vehicles
6.Your logo can be put on mat

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